English Federation for Correspondence Chess

The ICCF National Federation for England

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List of EFCC Patrons

The following is a list of Patrons of the EFCC as of 3/6/2018 :


D W Anderton; I Wes Bell; Michael J Blake; Jonathan D Bourne; R J Braunton; John G Brookes; Ian S Brooks; Eoin Campbell; Duncan Chambers; C R Chandler; Colin Cheek; Julian Corfield; Andrew Dearnley; Leslie Eastoe; Derek Gallimore; Peter C Gibbs; C Girling; Richard V M Hall; Maurice W Johnson; Mary E Jones; David A Kilgour; Neil Limbert; Peter R Markland; Peter J Millican; Peter S Morton; A Muir; Richard Perrin; Ian M Pheby; Peter S Phillips; C R Pope; Nigel E Povah; Michael Prizant; Alan J C Rawlings; John D Rhodes; Nigel E Robson; M B Squires; Janos I Suto; John B Taylor; J T Walker; John Wharam; Jo A Wharrier; Stephen M Williams; David G. Woodruff.


Rev Bruce Carlin; AC Carrington; S Clark; D Evans; William F Lumley; Ian J Mason; Ajoy Mukherjee; Kenneth J Owen; Arthur Ryder, Trevor Thomas; Brian Thompson; Richard Ward; David Weldon.




Last Updated (4th June 2018)  

EFCC Games Database

Guide to Correspondence Chess

This document, written by Neil Limbert, is an excellent introduction to correspondence chess for new players; download it from here.

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The form below is provided for you to make an online payment for tournament entries or membership subscriptions. Please put your name and the event entered, or other reference (e.g. 'new membership' or 'membership renewal') in the text field.

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