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English Veterans Correspondence Chess Championship

English Veterans CC Championship (EVCCC)

(Currently played on the ICCF webserver)

English Veterans Correspondence Chess Championship (EVCCC). Mirrors the BCCC but is only open to players age 60 or over at the start date. Very popular tournament noted for its friendly atmosphere. Consists of a Final plus Candidates and Reserves. All crosstables are maintained on the ICCF webserver and can be found here: https://www.iccf.com/tables then "National Tournaments" - "England" - "British Veterans Championship".                                                                              

The following players have won the British Veterans Championship:-

2016-17 KW McLaughlin
2015-16 D Coyne
2014-15 IM Pheby
2013-14 IM Pheby
2012-13 T Rooms
2011-12 L Ellis & IM Pheby 
2010-11 KW McLaughlin
2009-10 E Sowden and KW McLaughlin
2008-9 SJ Grayland
2007-8 CF Girling
2006-7 JE Davis, TJ Taylor and SJ Grayland
2005-6 TJ Taylor
2004-5 TJ Taylor
2003-4 ME Davis
2002-3 TJ Taylor
2001-2 TJ Taylor
2000-1 E Sowden
1999-00 AJA Evans and PC Gibbs
1998-99 S Shaw

 Entry Fee £8.00: Prize-money: Winner £50, Runner-up £20.

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