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English Championship - Rules and Other Information

The English Federation of Correspondence Chess (EFCC) is pleased to announce that the first English Correspondence Chess Championship (ECCC) will be held which will start in April 2017.


The Championship will be held once every two years, and shall be open only to those players who are registered or able (in the case of new players) to be registered to play under the England flag in the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF).

Tournament structure

There shall be:

a)  one Championship final, having a minimum of eleven and a maximum of fifteen competitors;

b)  two Semi-Finals having a minimum of nine and a maximum of thirteen competitors; and

c)  preliminary sections, each having between seven and eleven competitors, where possible.

Competitors shall play one game against each of the other competitors in their section. All games shall be played on the ICCF webserver. The ICCF Webserver Playing Rules current at the start of the competition shall apply, except as otherwise stated. The tournament duration shall be approximately 21 months of playing time. Games not completed at the close of play will be adjudicated. The time limit shall be 40 days for each 10 moves, with time doubling after 20 days. There shall be 21 days of leave per calendar year.


The EFCC shall award a prize fund as follows:

Championship Final

(a) Winner will receive £150 together with an engraved trophy for retention, and a free entry to the next World Championship Semi-Final or Preliminary (depending on rating).
(b) Runner-up will receive £75.
(c) Third place will receive £25.

Semi-final sections

(a) Winner will receive £50.
(b) Runner-up will receive £20.

Each player finishing in the top two places in the Semi-finals shall be entitled to enter the Championship Final  in the following tournament.

Preliminary sections

(a) Winner will receive £15.

Each player winning a Preliminary section shall be entitled to enter a Semi-Final in the following tournament.

Entry fee

The entry fee shall be £9.00. Entries may be made by PayPal (on the left hand side of this screen) quoting “1st ECCC”. Alternatively, entries may be sent to the Tournament Organiser, Ian M Pheby (address: Oaklea Cottage, Horsham Road, Capel, Dorking, Surrey RH5 5JH) with a cheque for £9.00 made payable to “EFCC”. The closing date for entries is 1st March 2017. Pairings will be issued as soon as possible after that date.


Tournament Organiser: SIM Ian M Pheby, IA      This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
EFCC President: SIM Ian M. Pheby, IA

Last Updated (Thursday, 6th September 2018)



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