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Notification of the 2018 AGM

Agenda: Annual General Meeting

Holiday Inn Derby-Nottingham - Bostocks Lane, Sandiacre, Nottingham, NG10 5NJ
12:30pm, Saturday 24th March 2018

All EFCC Patrons and representatives of affiliated organisations are welcome to attend.

1) Apologies for Absence

2) Minutes of the last meeting (1st April 2017)

3) Matters Arising

4) Officers’ reports

    • Secretary

    • International Secretary

5) Accounts / Treasurer’s report

6) Election of Officers

7) Amendments to EFCC Constitution

8) Any other business


New International Arbiter and More Norms

New International Arbiter and More Norms

After some very dedicated, hard work I am pleased to announce that LGM Toni Halliwell has been awarded the International Arbiter title by ICCF.

Toni will be presented with her medal and certificate at the ICCF Congress in Llandudno in August.

With the congress being held on British shores it is a great incentive for other players to work towards their norms and titles in order to be able to take up the offer from our Welsh friends to attend the opening ceremony and the awards presentation.

Since the last message further norms have been achieved by ;

Praveen Rallabandi - Senior International Master norm

Rob Walk - Correspondence Chess Master norm

Phill Beckett - Correspondence Chess Expert norm

Dave Grobler - Correspondence Chess Expert norm


New Year, New Titles !

New Year, New Titles !

Happy New Year to all players and It's especially started well for three new ICCF CC Master title holders;

Steven Cade, David Evans and Jo Wharrier. Well played gentlemen!


Wales to host the 2018 ICCF Congress in Llandudno

Wales to host the 2018 ICCF Congress in Llandudno

Wales have succeeded in their bid to host the 2018 ICCF congress.
It will take place at the Imperial Hotel in Llandudno in August.
Please see the full announcement here; https://www.iccf.com/message?message=1139


1st English Championship Update

1st English Championship Update

The 1st English Championship Preliminary B has finished. Congratulations to Terence Donovan for winning this tournament with the excellent score of 9 out of 10. Terence will receive a prize of £15.00 and is entitled to enter a semi-final of the 2nd ECCC which will start in 2019.

Trevor S. Brotherton was second and also undefeated finishing on 8 out of 10, and Sean Clark finished third with 7.5 out of 10.

In the other sections:

Championship Final – John D. Rhodes and Alan J. C. Rawlings currently lead with 6.5 out of 12, with Stan J. Grayland third on 6.5 out of 13. 36 games remain in this closely fought tournament.

Semi-Final A – I. Wes Bell leads with 6 out of 9. Phillip W. Revell is second with 5.5 out of 9, and Kevin J. Thurlow is third with 5 out of 9. 14 games remain.

Semi-Final B – Brian Thompson leads with 7 out of 10. Keith Kitson is second with 5.5 out of 9, and Richard Williams is third with 5 out of 8. 12 games remain.

1st English Championship Preliminary A – Robert Marks leads with 8.5 out of 10. Richard I. Clark is second with 7.5 out of 9, and Gregory Hughes is third on 6.5 out of 7. 3 games remain.

1st English Championship Preliminary C – Congratulations to Allan Gardner for winning this tournament with the excellent score of 9 out of 10. Allan will receive a prize of £15.00 and is entitled to enter a semi-final of the 2nd ECCC which will start in 2019.

Phil J. Brooks was second and also undefeated finishing on 8.5 out of 10, and Arthur F. Reed finished third with 7.5 out of 10. 1 game remains.


Copa Perú IV honoring Alfredo Cillóniz

Copa Perú IV honoring Alfredo Cillóniz

The tournament announcement can be found at the ICCF website here - https://www.iccf.com/message?message=1128

The entry fee for the preliminary stage through EFCC, payable via EFCC's website is £7 or players can enter direct with the Peru Federation by following the instructions in the announcement. There is no ICCF direct entry for this tournament.


ICCF Titles and norms achieved

ICCF Titles and norms achieved

EFCC would like to congratulate both Les Ellis and Paul Batchelor on achieving recent norms to gain their ICCF CCE titles. Praveen Rallabandi has also secured his first IM norm in an ICCF Master norm section and now needs a win in his last game to gain an SIM norm. Well Played Praveen!


Malcolm Peltz Memorial concludes

Malcolm Peltz Memorial concludes

In a hard fought international tournament EFCC would like to announce the winner of the Malcolm Peltz Memorial is Slovenian player Jernej Pirš. Well played to English players Stephen Hughes, who finished second on tie break from Neil Limbert in 3rd place. In what was an incredibly tight finish, 5 players tied on 7 points behind Jernej. It was especially pleasing to see 9 players make CCE and CCM norms from Malcolm's tournament and the complete cross table is below;


MT-Peltz, Malcolm Peltz Memorial

TD Vinchev, Simeon
Category 3 IM=8½ CCM=6 CCE=4½12345678910111213ScoreWinsSBRGPlace
1SLO480272 Pirš, Jernej2326½½½½½½½111118.5545.501
2ENG211987 Hughes, Stephen J.2273½½½½½½½0½1117337.2502
3ENG211220 Limbert, Neil2317½½½½½½½½1½1½7239.503
4RUS141224 Kozlov, A A2343½½½½½½½½½½117237.504
5AUS30534 Mulligan, Barrie2331½½½½½½½½½½117237.504
6WLS810183 Jones, Ian2221½½½½½½½½½½117237.504
7ESP169116 Uberos Fernández, Antonio2313½½½½½½½1½½½½6.5138.7507
8GER83649 Zielinski, Sergej2321½½½½½½½½½½1½6.5136.7508
9CRO900043 Ivanović, Željko230901½½½½0½½½½1623309
10ENG211649 Coyne, David W.23290½0½½½½½½½116230.25010
11LTU920380 Mickevicius, Juras228800½½½½½½½½1½5.5129.5011
12ENG210709 Sutton, Alan B.2275000000½0½001218.25012
13ENG210847 Grobler, David J.226200½000½½00½02012.75013




Very sadly, we have to report the death of CC International Master John Toothill. Our condolences go to friends & family.

John’s name may not be familiar to younger players as you have to go back to the 1970’s / 80’s from his CC playing career. In 1972 / 3 he won a British Championship Reserves tournament followed by victory in a Candidates tournament the very next year so advancing to the Final. He came 6th in the Final 1974 / 5 & 2nd in 1975 / 6. But it is on the CC International scene that he is best known, as part of the Great Britain team that won the Gold Medal in the 9th CC Olympiad 1982-87; the first & only time that a British team has won this top CC team event. At the time, this was a fantastic achievement beating the all-conquering Soviet Union team into 3rd place (West Germany were 2nd). John was also a member of the Great Britain team in the 1st European Team Championship Final (1978-81), and a member of the winning England team in the 1st North Atlantic Team tournament (1981-4). He was awarded the CC International Master Title in 1981.

John was a strong OTB player playing for Windemere Chess club for over 40 years winning the County Championship on several occasions.

There are three excellent annotated games of John’s in Tim Harding’s superb book Correspondence Chess in Britain & Ireland 1924-1987 and he also featured in Grigory Sanakoev’s book World Champion at the 3rd Attempt.



Two new EFCC Memorial tournaments and two more ICCF titles

Two international memorial tournaments have been organised to remember GM Peter H. Clarke and SIM Ken Bowyer.

Here are the starting cross tables and it is hoped players will be able to earn titles they are seeking;


MT- Clarke, Peter H Clarke Memorial

TD Pheby, Ian M. (IA)
Category 612345678910111213GMSIMIMCCMCCEScoreWinsSBRGPlace
1ENG211452CCEGrayland, S.J.2392............75000121
2ENG210370 Owen, K. J.2397............75000121
3NED370915CCMEngelen, J2379............7000121
4BLR750163CCELemutov, I L2390............75000121
5ENG210854CCMThompson, B2413............7000121
6ENG211062SIMAsquith, J2415............000121
7USA514877CCEBiedermann, K2384............75000121
8ENG211541 Catt, Peter2390............75000121
9FRA180788CCMGilbert, C2366............7000121
12ENG210108CCEWharrier, Jo2408............7000121
13ENG211299CCMEldridge, Mark2394............7000121


MT- Bowyer, Ken Bowyer Memorial

TD Halliwell, Toni
Category 312345678910111213GMSIMIMCCMCCEScoreWinsSBRGPlace
1TUR490203CCEPekin, Tolgay2330............6000121
2ENG211987 Hughes, S J.2299............6000121
3WLS810183CCMJones, Ian2345............000121
4ENG212651 James, Angus2334............6000121
5ENG219137CCEMason, Ian J.2286............6000121
6ENG212469 Broadway,D.A.2280............6000121
7GER81380IMHamann, H2292............000121
8CAN90325CCMSharpe, Sam2329............000121
9ENG210967 Houpt, W D.2321............6000121
10BRA71141 Barata, A2293............6000121
11ENG219076 Squires, M B.2314............6000121
12USA511591 Harvey, D J.2333............6000121
13RUS142481CCEMalin, D S2320............6000121

EFCC also congratulates Wes Bell on achieving his second norm for the ICCF CCM title and Richard Akrill for his second CCE norm to gain the ICCF CCE title.

David Weldon achieves ICCF International Master Title

Playing in ICCF Master Norm sections these days, in the face of such tough competition, all with like minded players competing for the 2 norms required for the title, must be one of the hardest ways to gain this title. Having to score 8 points from 12 games is no mean feat, so it's with great admiration and pleasure that EFCC announces that David Weldon has achieved the ICCF International Master title by doing this twice in the past 2 years. He won master norm section 132 with an impressive 8.5/12 and recently won master norm 150, scoring 8/12. See https://www.iccf.com/event?id=63845

WS/MN/150, WS/MN/150

TD Ruggeri Laderchi, Giorgio (IA)
Category 4 SIM=9½ IM=8 CCM=6 CCE=4½12345678910111213ScoreWinsSBRGPlace
1ENG211942 Weldon, David J.2378½½½A½1½1½1½1½8437.501
2ESP161138 Gomila Martí, Santiago2322½0½A½½½½½1½117330.7502
3RUS142792 Barkov, Kirill Gennadievich2339½1½½½1½.½½½½6.5233.7513
4ITA240841 Sgherri, Marco2349½A½A½½A½A½½½½A½½A1A6.513104
5SVK950361 Murin, Pavol2304½½½½A½½½.½½½16129.2515
6HKG780057 Champion, Chris23870½½½A½½½½1½½½612806
7ITA249081IMArmani, Giuseppe2291½½0½½½½½½.½½5025.517
8BRA70148 Kaupert, Vanildo João23020½½½½½½½0½.½4.5023.518
9RUS142146 Rashitov, Denis Rafisovich2310½½.½.½½½0..1412149
10ARG20928 Stratta, Rodolfo234500½½A½0½11...4220.5310
11ESP169116 Uberos Fernández, Antonio2306½½½½½½.½....3.5022.25511
12SUI81430 Wettstein, Klaus231300½½A½½½.....2.5015512
13CRO900117IMLovaković, Franjo2382½0½0A0½½½0...2.5015313

Here is the game against his Swiss opponent, which clinched the title this week.

[Event "WS/MN/150"]
[Site "ICCF"]
[Date "2016.12.22"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Weldon, David J"]
[Black "Wettstein, Klaus"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO "B33"]
[WhiteElo "2378"]
[BlackElo "2313"]
[PlyCount "81"]
[EventDate "2016.??.??"]

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 e5 6. Ndb5 d6 7. Nd5 Nxd5
8. exd5 Nb8 9. a4 Be7 10. Be2 O-O 11. O-O Nd7 12. Bd2 a6 13. Na3 f5 14. a5 Nf6
15. Bb4 Bd7 16. Nc4 Bb5 17. Nb6 Bxe2 18. Qxe2 Rb8 19. f3 Qc7 20. c4 Nd7 21. Nxd7
Qxd7 22. Qd3 Qc7 23. Kh1 Rbc8 24. b3 g6 25. Bd2 Qd8 26. b4 Re8 27. Rfe1 Bf8
28. Rac1 Qf6 29. Qc3 Qh4 30. Be3 Qd8 31. Bb6 Qd7 32. Qb3 Kg7 33. c5 Qb5 34. f4 e4
35. c6 bxc6 36. dxc6 d5 37. c7 Bd6 38. Rcd1 Re6 39. Rxd5 Qxb4 40. Qxb4 Bxb4
41. Rc1 1-0

You can download the PGN file here ; Weldon-Wettstein.pgn

You can play through the game on EFCC's Game Database here ; Weldon - Wettstein, WS/MN/150

BCCA Capablanca Team wins BCCTC!

BCCA Capablanca Team wins BCCTC!

The 2016-17 British CC Team Championship has been won by a team from the BCCA – BCCA Capablanca. The result went down to the wire with the outcome depending on the very last game. As it was, BCCA Capablanca won with 11.5/16, Square Bashers were 2nd with 10.5 and the other BCCA team (BCCA Alekhine) were 3rd on 9.5. The winning team were John Brasier, Trevor Carr (Captain), Peter Catt, Les Ellis, Yosua Sitorus, Dennis Broadway, Ian Mason & Richard Tillett.

The crosstable & all the games can be viewed here: https://www.iccf.com/event?id=61918


Announcement of New Tournament

Announcement of New Tournament

To all English players age 60 or over: we wish to announce entries are now being taken for the 1st English Veterans CC Championship!

The English Federation of Correspondence Chess (EFCC) is pleased to announce that the first English Veterans Correspondence Chess Championship (EVCCC) will be held with a start date in March 2018. All English players aged 60 or over are invited to enter!

The full Rules, tournament structure, eligibility, prizes etc can be seen under "English Veterans CC Championship (EVCCC) on the EFCC website. Go to: http://www.efcchess.org.uk/bvccc.html

There shall be a Championship Final, Semi-Finals & preliminary sections with all standards of player catered for. The games will be played on the ICCF webserver & the tournament duration shall be approximately 21 months of playing time. The time limit shall be 40 days for each 10 moves.

The entry fee is £8.00. Entries may be made by PayPal through this website quoting “1st EVCCC”. Alternatively, entries may be sent to the Tournament Organiser, Ian M Pheby (address: Oaklea Cottage, Horsham Road, Capel, Dorking, Surrey RH5 5JH) with a cheque for £8.00 made payable to “EFCC”. The closing date for entries is 1st February 2018. Pairings will be issued as soon as possible after that date.

All veteran English chess players are heartily invited to enter this tournament, both for the enjoyment of the games and for friendly contact/communication.

Tournament Organiser: SIM Ian M Pheby, IA


ICCF Titles and Norms Continue to Flow

EFCC would like to congratulate the following players;

CCE Title :

David Cook
Praveen Rallabandi
Steven Cade

CCM norm :

David Evans

CCE norms :

Richard Akrill
Anthony A Roberts
Anthony Waller
Brian J Herriot


Edmund Soh achieves the International Master title

A fabulous performance in his European Server Championship semi final section has earned Edmund Soh a second ICCF International Master norm to achieve a well deserved title. Edmund has won the section convincingly finishing above 5 International Masters and 2 Senior International Masters, with a score of +5. This includes 3 wins with the black pieces which is quite a feat in modern day server chess.

The Cross table for this hard fought tournament can be seen at https://www.iccf.com/event?id=60749

Edmund now qualifies for a European candidates section, which is one step away from the European individual server final. Here is one of the Edmund's wins with black, where a strong bishop pair and pawns dominate his French opponent's rook and knight.

Here is Edmund's game against Alexandre Duchardt :

[Event "EU/C2016/sf-01"]
[Site "ICCF"]
[Date "2016.09.20"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Duchardt, Alexandre"]
[Black "Soh, Edmund"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "D43"]
[WhiteElo "2317"]
[BlackElo "2320"]
[PlyCount "98"]
[EventDate "2016.??.??"]

1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6 3. Nf3 Nf6 4. Nc3 e6 5. Bg5 h6 6. Bh4 dxc4 7. e4 g5 8. Bg3 b5 9. Be2 Bb7 10. h4 g4 11. Ne5 Nbd7 12. Nxd7 Qxd7 13. Be5 Qe7 14. Bxg4 Rg8 15. Bf3 O-O-O 16. Qe2 Nd7 17. Bg3 b4 18. Nd1 Nb6 19. O-O Rxd4 20. Ne3 Ba6 21. Nc2 Rd7 22. Rfd1 Rxg3 23. fxg3 Bg7 24. e5 Qc5+ 25. Kh2 Bb5 26. Rxd7 Nxd7 27. a4 Ba6 28. Rd1 Nxe5 29. Qe4 b3 30. Nd4 Nxf3+ 31. gxf3 Qd5 32. Qg4 Bf6 33. Rd2 h5 34. Qf4 Be5 35. Qe3 Qc5 36. f4 Bc7 37. Qe2 Bb6 38. Rd1 Kb7 39. Qe1 c3 40. bxc3 Bc4 41. Qd2 Qd5 42. Qb2 Ka6 43. Rd2 Bxd4 44. Rxd4 Qc5 45. Qg2 f6 46. f5 e5 47. Rd1 Ka5 48. Rg1 Bd3 49. Qd2 e4 0-1

You can download the PGN file here ; Duchardt-Soh.pgn

You can play through the game on EFCC's Game Database here ; Duchardt - Soh, EU/C2016/sf-01

22nd ICCF World Cup - Entries now being accepted.

This tournament has been announced on the ICCF server. Please see https://www.iccf.com/message?message=1109

The entry fee through EFCC is £10.00 per section and can be paid at EFCC's website by card (see 'Online Fee Payment' on the left hand side of this webpage) using 'WC22' as the reference.

Anyone wishing to pay by cheque should send it payable to 'EFCC' to Andrew Dearnley, EFCC International Secretary, 4 Saunderson Road, Penistone, Sheffield, S36 9DU.

This is a popular ICCF event and gives the chance to compete with opponents from all over the world in an open tournament. Please consider entering. There are no further fees payable should one qualify for the next stage and final thereafter.


New British Champion

Anthony Balshaw is the new British Champion by a narrow margin!

British Championship 2016-8 Final Table

The table can be viewed from the ICCF servers here ; https://www.iccf.com/event?id=61304

All this years events are up and running.......

Championship : https://www.iccf.com/event?id=70959
Candidates : https://www.iccf.com/event?id=70960

Reserves (5 sections) ;



4 More English Players Titles Awarded

EFCC would like to congratulate the following players on achieving norms for their ICCF titles;

Dawn Williamson - Lady Grandmaster

Brian Thompson - Correspondence Chess Master

Jo Wharrier - Correspondence Chess Expert

Ian Mason - Correspondence Chess Expert


England Win Match Against Indonesia

England recently completed a 12.5 – 9.5 win over Indonesia, with 100% performances from Praveen Rallabandi, Ben Wood, Keith Dudeney & Greg Hughes. England were one of the first Federations to play against the newly formed Indonesian CC Federation, and we are pleased to see that Indonesia has now been accepted as a member of ICCF.

International Secretary Andrew Dearnley is currently recruiting players for a match against Portugal, and we have other friendly matches in the pipeline. If you wish to be included in Andrew’s squad, please contact him.

ENG-INA 2016, England - Indonesia 2016

TD Ylönen, Olli
Board 1ENG Maguire, Gary  2272     ½     ½     ½     ½INA Sitorus, Yosua  2322
Board 2ENG Rallabandi, Praveen Kumar  2021     1     1E     0E     0INA Aprilyando Silalahi, Yesaya  1800P
INA Arifin, Raymond  1800P
Board 3ENG Wood, Ben A.  1854     1     1     0     0INA Balladho, Andi  1800P
Board 4ENG Tibbert, Peter H.  1805     0     0     1     1INA Darmanto, Heri  1800P
Board 5ENG Cox, Raymond J. A.  1770     1     0     1     0INA Jatmiko, Tri Yuwono  1800P
Board 6ENG Elwood, David  1763     ½     1     0     ½INA Wahyuza, Carlos  1800P
Board 7ENG Woodhouse, Stephen  1722     1E     0     1     0EINA Lambiarro, Alfonso  1800P
Board 8ENG Dudeney, Keith  1705     1     1     0     0INA Hendra Atmada, Rezqian  1800P
Board 9ENG Hughes, Gregory  1697     1     1     0     0INA Gultom, Paul  1800P
Board 10ENG Ward, Bill  1687     0     0     1     1INA Hendri Sevano, Ricky  1800P
Board 11ENG Pardoe, Iris  1635     0     0     1     1INA Tambunan, Berman  1800P



You can view the match's crosstables at the ICCF site - https://www.iccf.com/event?id=63579

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