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British Webserver Team Tournament

British Webserver Team Tournament

This tournament started in 2011 and there have been three Seasons to date (as at 26/9/16). The first two seasons were run under the auspices of the EFCC. Season 3 was organised by the Welsh CCF. Teams consist of 4 players who play (usually) 6 games each. Past winners are:-

Season 3 2015-16 ICCF Warriors
Season 2 2013-14 ICCF Warriors
Season 1 2011-13 Pawn Stars

Seasons usually last 18 months. There were four divisions in the latest season (28 teams) & the crosstables can be seen below.


GB/TT3/D1, 3rd British WS Team Tournament - Division 1

TD Beckett, Phillip J. (IA)
1234567Score%+/-Team resultsFGRGPlace
1ENG ICCF Warriors24222.531.52.52314.560592401
2WLS Pawn Stars24191.522.522.53.51458482402
3ENG BCCA Kings2304122.52.523.513.556382403
4ENG BCCA Knights22332.
5WLS Scheming Mind A22831.521.
6ENG Sussex Servers217321.5220.521043-342316
7ENG BCCA Griffins218410.50.511.526.527-1112407


GB/TT3/D2, 3rd British WS Team Tournament - Division 2

TD Sherwood, Russell
1234567Score%+/-Team resultsFGRGPlace
1WLS Scheming Mind B2131222.5333.516668102401
2ENG Social CCA "A"215221.52.533.53.51666892402
3ENG White Rose A222922.5232.52.514.5605102403
4ENG Herts & Minds21091.51.5223.5414.560562404
5ENG Civil Service A215611122.5310.543-352405
6ENG Natcor A199210.
7ENG White Rose B19870.50.51.50125.522-1312407


GB/TT3/D3, 3rd British WS Team Tournament - Division 3

TD Ylönen, Olli
1234567Score%+/-Team resultsFGRGPlace
1WLS Y Gweilch NiMo19872.52.53.534419.58115122401
2ENG BCCA Sovereigns21281.
3ENG BCCA Endgamers19691.51.5333.53.51666882403
4ENG BCCA Strategists18510.50.512.54311.547-162404
5WLS Scheming Mind C184910.511.512729-1012405
6ENG Civil Service B1809000.50325.522-1332406
7ENG Natcor B1702000.51225.522-1322407


GB/TT3/D4, 3rd British WS Team Tournament - Division 4

TD Sherwood, Russell
1234567Score%+/-Team resultsFGRGPlace
1ENG BCCA Cavaliers166531.52.52.543.5177010102401
2WLS Welsh Irregulars1722123323.514.560582402
3ENG Social CCA B17652.52222.531458492403
4ENG Natcor C17481.5122.5331354272404
5ENG White Rose C17651.5121.533.512.552152405
6ENG BCCA Tacticians1639021.5112.5833-832406
7ENG Civil Service C17650.50.5110.51.5520-1402407



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This document, written by Neil Limbert, is an excellent introduction to correspondence chess for new players; download it from here.

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